8020Info Inc. Water Cooler Article by Rob Wood

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8020Info Water Cooler:  Highlights from the latest information for managers, leaders & entrepreneurs

Posted on May 29, 2022, by Rob Wood

In his 8020Info Water Cooler article, Rob Wood covers: engaging different types of stakeholders, seven distractions to avoid, how to simplify your case to make it more persuasive, what you’re reading, and tips to ensure you’re solving the right problem.

In Step 1, The Engagement Onion, Rob quotes Donna Kennedy-Glans who suggests you treat engagement with outside stakeholders like peeling an onion with four layers.

  • the cynical-minded

  • the skeptical-minded

  • the open-minded

  • the like-minded

Link to the original article to read more on what Donna says regarding The Engagement Onion. And be sure to check out the other six steps in Rob's informative article as well. 

Link to the article: 8020Info Inc.