Donna Kennedy-Glans

Donna is a boundary-crosser. She has worked on the ground to add value to enterprising projects in over thirty-five countries, in the public, private and non-profit sectors.

Born a farmer’s daughter near Tillsonburg, in southwestern Ontario, Donna left the family cattle and tobacco farm to get a law degree at the University of Western Ontario and then headed further west, to Alberta, to work in the oil patch.

During her career in the energy sector, Donna held several unique and pioneering roles in risk management, corporate integrity and sustainability: she became the first female vice-president at Nexen; was an early architect of transparency initiatives in places like Nigeria; and again and again, demonstrated the ability to bring together investors, communities, advocates and governments on values-based issues.

Aside from a long career as an energy insider, Donna has varied experience across many sectors: founding a non-profit to build the capacity of women in Yemen, serving as an elected politician and cabinet minister, holding leading roles on boards of directors, and participating with her siblings in the stewardship of the family farm enterprise.

She is the author of Corporate Integrity: A Toolkit for Managing beyond Compliance (Wiley, 2005), and is now a political commentator, community builder, writer and speaker, weighing in on energy, leadership, governance, community and integrity issues.

Collaborating with others to design and implement smart solutions to vexing problems is a passion for Donna. Her goal has always been to figure out how to make better decisions within organizations, and to help others do the same, with greater agility and intention.

When she is not teaching dinosaurs to dance, Donna can be found hiking in some remote place, camera at the ready, or playing with her granddaughter, Kennedy.

Andre M. Mamprin

Andre has been a student of both the art and the science of strategy and leadership for more than two decades. As Leader of Knowledge Architecture at The Next Institute and Executive Director of The Banff Centre Leadership Development, he has created a foundation for meaningful change through designing leadership learning content and delivering programs to more than 20,000 leaders.

Adjacent to his role at Next, Andre is currently working on several start-ups, including UpLift Studio Lab,™ a storytelling unit of The Next Institute; and The Next Learner Space,™ a global initiative to develop leadership skills for highly enterprising youth.

Andre is keenly interested in advancing new thinking and applied research in the fields of innovation, collaboration, leadership development and enterprise design. Andre served as Director, Centre for Innovation, Leadership & Management at Sheridan Corporate in Toronto, Canada. He was the co-architect of The Leadership Lab™ at The Banff Centre, exploring issues of organizational leadership worldwide.

As both a leader and entrepreneur in the oil and gas, manufacturing, and banking industries, he gained hands-on, applied experience in growing profitable business driven by solid leadership ecosystems, and he has translated that experience into designing and delivering intricate and often large-scale solutions for an array of blue-chip organizations across North America.

As a creative, trans-disciplinary thinker, Andre has a keen ability to analyze and apply a unique approach to a host of contemporary strategic issues. Placing great leadership at the heart of all individual and organizational success, he believes deeply that leaders can be developed.

Andre is an experienced international traveler, painter, sculptor, student of the martial arts and an avid cyclist. He and his family have built their life in Calgary, Canada.