To remain relevant and sustainable, enterprise rebuilders and new builders will need different approaches to organizational design, stakeholder engagement and personal leadership competencies.

To guide you in this rethinking, redesign and execution of enterprise revitalization (and maybe even transformation), three tools and user guides are shared in the book:

1.        A Measure of Integrity

2.        The Enterprise Onion

3.        Essential Elements of Leadership


A Measure of Integrity

A Measure of Integrity is an enterprise tool to guide organizations in their alignment of purpose, values, commitments and actions.

This tool measures both positive and negative integrity, and it can help your enterprise clarify key values and build organizational capacity to manage in accordance with those values from the inside out.

A Measure of Integrity originated as an Integrity Ladder, first introduced in Corporate Integrity: A Toolkit for Managing beyond Compliance (Kennedy-Glans and Schulz), a book published by John Wiley & Sons in 2005. 

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The Enterprise Onion

The Enterprise Onion is a related tool, designed to help organization builders engage more deliberately with others who have a strategic interest in an enterprise and can influence the path forward.

It is primarily an outward-facing tool, modelling how to recognize and engage with stakeholders outside your own organization, working from the enterprise core to the outer layers of the onion: from the internal enterprise family, to the like-minded, to the open-minded, to the skeptical-minded, and perhaps even reaching the cynical-minded.


Personal Leadership Elements

Personal Leadership Elements are referenced throughout the book and shared in their entirety in the Essential Elements of Leadership model in the book’s toolkit.

Andre Mamprin has been observing and developing leaders for decades, working with organizations to build their capacity, designing leadership learning content and delivering programs to more than 20,000 leaders as Executive Director of the Leadership Development program at the Banff Centre, and as the leader of Knowledge Architecture at The Next Institute.

Essential Elements of Leadership is a distillation of his learnings about the competencies essential for personal leadership, built up through research and application.

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